Synthetic grass is becoming popular and quickly replacing natural grass in modern sport venues and pitches. This has been attributed to its numerous advantages. Besides it looking and having the same texture as natural grass, the following qualities make artificial grass the better choice for use in sport pitches.

  1. Artificial sport pitches are safer to play in than pitches with real grass.

Change in weather is not a bother when it comes to artificial sport pitches. They are not affected by rain, for instance. Tripping and sliding as seen in pitches with natural grass when it rains is not something you expect with artificial sport pitches. Better still, the artificial turf cushions sports men and women in case one slips and fall. This way, there are less injuries when playing on an artificial pitch as compare to natural grass pitch. With less injuries, a team is able to play its best players often hence winning more games. Since artificial pitches are weather friendly, there will be no need to cancel games due to bad weather. This makes artificial pitch such a great investment for any sport venue or club.

  1. It is possible to use an artificial pitch for more than one purpose and can even be rent out to hold other social events.

The durability of the artificial turf ensures that the pitch can hold multiple events besides sports. Concerts and political rallies, for instance can be held in an artificial pitch earning a club or a team some extra cash. Also, local clubs can as well do practice in the same pitch something that opens the club to local community and wins it more fans. This is why clubs should embrace artificial pitches.

  1. Lastly, artificial pitches creates lucrative advertising opportunities for sport venues and clubs.

As opposed to natural grass pitches, modern artificial pitch do allow embedding of advertisements directly onto the edges of the field by coloring fibre –optic in the artificial turf. Rubbing off of the advertisement doesn’t happen as compared to the painted advert commonly found in natural grass pitches. Again, such adverts can’t be easily damaged by rain. This means the sport venue is able to get a lot of revenue from the adverts.

  1. Synthetic turf is less vulnerable to becoming ruined as compared to real grass.

This therefore means less maintenance cost. The grass is able to stay in good condition throughout the year, looking greener and in excellent shape. This impact positively on the team and the management as more fans get to purchase tickets to come and watch games in such as an awesome and good looking pitch.

So, it is time to embrace artificial turf for your pitch as a club or a sport venue. There are so many types of artificial grass that can be used in artificial pitches. Just choose what will work for you.

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