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Creating a high quality surface for sports teams and clubs is a real responsibility. If someone falls on a pitch because it skids, or if they tumble because of a poor quality finish, then we haven’t done our job properly. That’s why we work closely with clubs and teams in Manchester to make sure that the pitch they take delivery of is the pitch that will make their team play at their very best.

The Practicality of having an Artificial Sports Pitch

The best thing about artificial grass sports surfaces is their usability. They simply dry off quicker and provide a strong amount of grip even if heavy rain is the problem. This makes it infinitely preferable to normal grass, which is often dangerous and unpredictable after even light rain. This is why so many sports teams and clubs purchase the surface. It’s safe in bad weather conditions, and it dries off quickly.

Is it only used for Artificial Football Pitches?

At the same time, it also provides a professional level surface for indoor play. For example, cricket teams purchase artificial grass simply because it’s a great way to ensure bowling and batting practice can take place with nets. A number of clubs use the surface in gymnasiums and sports halls. All of this basically means that your club doesn’t have to miss any more sessions or matches. Whether you’re looking to play outdoors or inside the local sports hall facility, artificial grass makes perfect sense. That’s more games, and more fun.

Is it hard to maintain?

This is most definitely not the case. You can rely on artificial grass to give you the best results without the need for ongoing maintenance. Gone are the days when you had to mow and water. It’s a perfectly self-contained surface that needs no work done. The most you will have to do is brush off leaves and other rubbish. This just takes the use of a stiff outdoor brush. You may need to wet it now and then if any dirt does happen to settle. Again, this is not hard work, and you should find that it takes next to no time.

We have an uneven surface

If you have a playing space that isn’t at it’s best, you don’t have to worry. Our fitters will work hard to lay the grass so that it is smooth and flat. It doesn’t matter how bumpy or full of holes the surface is, we have ways of making everything work out well. This is one of the best things about our job, as it happens. We love working with the youth teams and the amateur clubs in Chester to bring them a pitch and surface that helps them play their best. We can’t guarantee they’ll win the trophy, but they’ll definitely play at their very best on a surface that treats them well.

How long does it take to fit?

If you’re talking about a huge playing space, then obviously we’d have to have a good look at things and see how best we can carry out the job according to any schedule. However, our team always works fast and works efficiently too, so you know you’re going to get a job done in the optimum time frame.

This means you get the result you want in the best time possible. If you’re looking at a long season and you’re concerned that you won’t get the surface down quick enough, give us a call and we’ll tell you what you can expect. Nine times out of ten, we leave customers completely happy with installation times.

What about heavy rain?

Our surface will get wet. But it has a secret that makes it the best surface to use, even in British weather. Our surface simply drains away quicker. The rain will seep in and head underground quicker than it will on grass, for example. You’re using a surface that has been designed to drain quickly, and this means you’ll have a usable surface faster than you think. Remember to always test it though, for safety’s sake.

For more information on how we can give you an amazing artificial sports surface in Manchester with our synthetic grass, get in touch.