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As a homeowner, you’ll want your lawn and garden space to look fantastic. That’s a natural thing, it’s your place and you want it to look it’s best. But getting that job done while you’re trying to run a busy home can be nigh on impossible. After making sure your house is clean and tidy, and getting on with a million other chores, cutting the grass seems like a step too far. We ensure this is no longer a problem for you. Our residential artificial grass is high grade,and trouble-free. You can have it installed, and then look forward to a perfect lawn throughout the year. This means you have less to worry about, and more time to focus (hopefully) on relaxing and enjoying being at home.

I’ve got an uneven surface in my garden

Great quality artificial grass can be installed on pretty much any surface, including garden spaces that are less than straight and true. We’ve installed artificial grass in Manchester in all sorts of spaces, so we wouldn’t worry if you have a bumpy lawn area, or sloping spaces. We will make any necessary adjustments required, so that you have a clear and flat lawn no matter what the space is like.


Can you install in the winter?

We certainly can. We’re used to installing throughout the year, so you’re not bound by any season or weather conditions. As it happens, the winter is one of the best times to install, because the ground isn’t as dry and tough as it can be in the summer. We prefer the autumn and the winter season for installation. If it does turn out that there is ice on the ground, we may wait a few days to install. This is only to preserve the integrity of the finish. Cold weather is not a problem, so the only thing that may give us a pause is ice.


Can I have your grass installed anywhere?

You can have the artificial grass we produce installed anywhere you like. We’ve installed it on roofs before, so there is pretty much any space possible as far as we’re concerned. Lawns are obviously the main area in which we work. That’s where grass belongs, after all. But some homes have worked hard to develop a lovely patio, with an artificial grass area the very last thing needed to finish it off. Basically, we can install the grass anywhere, as long as it’s  a space that grass can go.


Is there any maintenance required?

Our artificial grass bounces back quickly, no matter what the level of force applied. That’s why it’s perfect for sports and for installations of play equipment. On top of this, you don’t have to do anything to your grass all year round. Every now and then a little bit of dirt may fall on the grass, and this can be dealt with by applying some warm water.

A brushing with a nice stuff brush is the only other concern you should have. This is best applied when leaves have recently fallen, and allows you to keep that perfect lawn you paid for. Maintenance is not an issue with this grass. That’s the main reason why people pay for it. They  know they can have the lawn they require and just leave it to look after itself.


What about my dog?

A lot of people worry about their dog and artificial grass. The dog won’t damage it, no matter how playful and curious he is. If he tries to dig it, he won’t get very far. And when it comes to safety, while we certainly wouldn’t suggest that your dog tucks into our grass, it won’t hurt him. If he fouls the surface, all it requires is the application of a little bit of warm water, just enough to help clean up. Basically, your dog will love the new surface, and it won’t be difficult to manage the surface when he’s playing on it either.


Get in touch today, we’ll will be happy to talk you through the options you have with our artificial grass. It couldn’t be easier to install, and you’ll soon be enjoying the perfect garden space.