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A number of businesses in the Manchester area use artificial grass as a way to make their premises more welcoming for guests. There’s nothing better than seeing a lovely, lush green area in the reception of a modern office building for example. Visitors appreciate it, and employees rely on it to make their workplace more comfortable and welcoming. It’s a trend that has been growing for decades now. You’ll find it difficult to visit any modern office without some artificial grass making the environment more pleasant.

Does it take a long time to install?

Obviously, this does depend on the size of the job. If you have a large office building, you may well find that it takes a few days to get the job to it’s perfect state. Our fitters work incredibly fast and efficiently, but they know that large jobs present challenges. To make sure they get everything right, they’ll tell you what they expect the duration of work to be. It will most likely be hours rather than days, but they’d rather be upfront about it anyway. We find that our clients would rather know the full story before the job begins.

We don’t want that bright green look

You’ll find that artificial grass has come a long way. It used to be the case that synthetic surfaces demanded only a bright green. It looks fantastic, but it can be a little too bright and rich for some tastes. That’s why we always work with clients to get the right look for the artificial grass surface.

You don’t have to have the standard green with us. In fact, we pride ourselves on making sure we choose the best surface looks for clients. Green can have some accents in it that make it look a little more natural than it otherwise would. It’s worth telling us exactly what look you want, and then we will work hard to ensure it is delivered. There’s nothing worse than making do with the second best option. We will ensure that you only get the look you want. Every time.

Is it right for us?

Most companies find that, once artificial grass is installed, it does a lot of good. First of all, you can’t ignore the amazing impact the grass has on the mood of the business premises. Everyone likes a little bit of green in their workplace. Modern artificial grass is capable of lifting everyone’s mood. So making the purchase is a very good idea in that respect.

Some companies use it as part of their marketing. They head to trade shows, and events, and use it to present their products and services. One of the most obvious examples of this is the outdoor products and services event. Here, where companies may sell camping goods or gardening supplies, having a high quality artificial grass display is the perfect finishing touch to the day’s events. It really lifts the commercial aspects of exhibitions.

In the public sector, we find that hospitals and clinics really get a lot out of artificial grass. They know they can help patients by providing them with pleasant surroundings. It is preferable to normal grass, which takes maintenance, and also needs to be watered regularly to keep it’s look. It’s well worth taking a look at the work environment and seeing what you need as regards a grass surface. As most companies find, installing artificial grass takes out a lot of the work and the cost, and it makes for a lovely business setting too.

Can we install it ourselves?

Of course you can, and if you have the time and the skills to do so, we encourage you to. Installing artificial grass can take some time if you have a difficult surface to work with, for example. However, with good preparation and the ability to gather a small team together on the project, a sizeable grass installation is more than possible. If you’re short on time, or you aren’t confident about the quality of the job you’ll finish up with, we are happy to offer our own specialised installation team. Give us a call and we’ll talk you through all of our options.