Artificial grass installation is a rigorous process that call for care and close attention to details. This is not the kind of jobs that you can decide to do it yourself especially if you do not have the necessary expertise. So, in case you are wondering how artificial grass installation happens, stay with us till the very end.

How to install artificial grass.

If you are a professional artificial turf personnel, follow this guide for the easiest and quickest way to achieve a smooth and high standard lawn.

The process of installing artificial grass.


Step one: Assemble all the right materials for the job.

The very first thing is to ensure you have the right tools and materials for the job. You will require the following: a grass cutter, a sharp knife, tape, glue and geo-textile weed killer.

Step two: Assess the dimension of the artificial lawn.

Secondly, you need to work out the length and width of the artificial lawn layer. You should also make sure that the ground is clear of things like underground electricity conduit and irrigation lines.

Step three: Remove the existing turf and top soil.

Thirdly, remove the existing natural turf with help of a turf cutter or mini digger until you reach the base soil. This is roughly 25-100mm deep. To ensure clean edges, you can use either timber or concrete perimeters.

Step four: Base preparation.

Fourthly, you need to ensure the base is properly and thoroughly compacted. You can do this with help of a roller or vibrating plate. Where the base is of clay soil, use crushed MOT type of stones to prevent the lawn from holding water during heavy rains.

Step five: Weed prevention.

Having fully compacted the base, it’s time now to cover the base with the geo-textile membrane to hinder penetrations of weeds to the artificial grass. Apart from preventing weed to grow through your artificial grass, the geo-textile membrane also ensure proper water drainage. You will need to secure the membrane firmly with help of small clout nails

Step six.  How to Lay Fake Grass on Soil.

Sixth step is laying of your artificial grass. Carefully roll out your artificial grass making sure not to disturb the geo-textile membrane. Ensure the piles fall in the right direction as per the client’s desires. Allow the tuft to settle and then cut and trim the edges with help of the sharp knife. Ensure you leave neat and smooth edges. Join the artificial turf together with help of glue and high quality outdoor tape. Allow the adhesive to dry. Ensure your tuft is well pinned and secured. Lastly, brush you artificial lawn to lift up the fibre that may have been rolled down.

Finally, there you have it, your perfectly installed, beautiful and maintenance free artificial turf.  So, sit down and enjoy.

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