Artificial grass is not new to many as it has been around for years. It has been in use since the mid twentieth century. Synthetic turf is basically a surface made from synthetic fibre and which was initially used in pitches for traditional sports such as baseball and tennis. However, today artificial grass has become a natural replacement for real grass in areas such as airports, football pitches, and recreational areas and even in home gardens.

Its history and evolution.

Artificial grass has evolved over time to be what it is today. The very first documented use of this turf was way back in 1940’s. The company that made the first synthetic turf was known as Minnesota Mining and manufacturing Co. This grass was initially designed to be used for athleticism and fitness purposes.

It was until 1960’s that synthetic grass gained prominence. A research team headed by David Chaney carried out research that led to manufacturing of the famous Astroturf which was installed in the Astrodome stadium in Houston, Texas. This was in the year 1966. Prior to the installation of Astroturf in this stadium, natural grass was in use but failed terribly making the conditions of the field unbearable. At the time, the supply of artificial turf was limited and only the infield was treated to the amazing touch of this wonderful innovation.

In the early 1970’s, artificial turf was widely used in Canada and U.S.  This was mainly in both outdoor and indoor pitches for football and baseball. People had come to realize that, synthetic grass was way much easier to maintain as compared to natural grass. Its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather made it a hassle free replacement of natural grass.

In the 80’s, use of artificial grass extended to other athletic field and recreational areas. At the time, there was use of shock pads on the synthetic turf to make it suitable for contact sports and minimize injury risks.  Despite this, the artificial turf needed some modifications and improvements as it was too fast for contact sports.

In the 90’s, artificial turf gained a breakthrough and was now widely used around the world for various purposes.  It could be used in landscaping for homes and businesses, recreational areas, contact sport fields and many more other uses.

Notably, artificial grass has evolved over time making several technological strides to be what it is today. It has seen several modifications and improvements to make it be a multipurpose surface of all times.


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