Most people love beautiful and green lawns. However, maintaining a plush green lawn and in particular the real lawns, require a lot of water for irrigation. The good news is that technology has enable manufacturing of artificial grass which is designed to look and feel just like the real grass. At Artificial Grass Manchester we have noticed fake turf has quickly taken over the place of natural grass and it’s no wonder to see it laid in your neighbour’s homestead. People have realise the many benefits of artificial turf, the main one being water conservation.

As compared to the natural lawn, artificial grass has been known to cut down on water usage for irrigation to a bigger percentage. With a bigger percentage of household water consumption going to irrigation of the gardens and lawns, use of artificial turf for landscaping has been on the rise. A natural lawn will need regular watering especially during summer when it is hot for it to stay green. If this is not done, the lawn will get ruined in days. This is especially so since nutrients necessary for proper growth can only be transported to the leaves through water.

The use of artificial grass has therefore been embraced by many since water has become a scarce source that need conservation.  With synthetic turf, you can maintain a luxurious green lawn throughout the year without watering. This is a huge boost since water bills have been on the rise as the water reservoirs and snow packs become almost depleted.

Besides water conservation, synthetic turf is associated with a number of benefits. They include:

  • It is form a great surface for pet’s runs since it’s easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Useful in playground and football pitches where there is constant footfall as it doesn’t get worn out easily like the natural grass.
  • Artificial turf is environmentally friendly as it requires no fertilisers application.
  • It can as well be used in place of natural grass around swimming pools eliminating mud associated with natural turf. This way, dirt and dust cannot be transferred in the pool by feet.
  • Artificial turf make excellent roof gardens especially where the roof is not strong enough to support the weight of natural grass.
  • It requires little maintenance such as trimming and mowing hence saving you on time and cost.
  • Artificial grass has small holes at the base which encourage drainage hence no flooding.

Most people around the world are now realising the numerous benefits of artificial turf all of which help conserve water. It the high time you replace your natural lawn with artificial one for you to reap these benefits as you conserve water.

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