Hay fever can dampen your summer holidays in a big way. Flowering plants release pollen which triggers allergic reactions in many people. As many as 80% are known to be allergic to pollen. Playing and relaxing outdoors means exposure to pollen from grass, garden shrubs and other flowering vegetation.

Hay fever is an allergic reaction whose symptoms include a running nose, sore and itchy eyes, and headaches. The treatment is usually to relieve the symptoms with medication, but there is no known cure for this condition. Hay fever sufferers are advised to avoid contact with pollen, which means staying indoors and missing out on the fun outdoors.

Grass pollen

If you keep a natural grass lawn, it is usually one of the biggest sources of pollen. Grass pollen is more dangerous to pollen sensitive people because it is light and easily carried in the air. It will also get blown up by people playing on the grass. It also easily attaches to animal fur and clothes.  It is hard to avoid this pollen if you have a sizeable natural grass lawn.

Natural grass also traps dust, which is also an allergen. This happens when it gets dry and the patched ground releases loose dust.

Artificial grass lawn

If you have a member of the family who suffers hay fever, it would be recommendable to do away with natural grass altogether and install an artificial lawn. Technological advances have led to development of very high quality artificial grass which is hard to tell apart from natural grass.

Advantages of artificial grass


  • No pollen/dust

Artificial grass is well-knit together to minimize trapping of dust and pollen. Allergic people can relax and play on it without risking exposure to allergic triggers.

  • Easy to clean

Artificial grass is easily washed using a hose and stiff brush. This helps avoid accumulating dust and pollen in the grass fibres. It can also be dampened with a sprinkler to keep dust down.

  • Easy on the eye

Unlike natural grass that gets patchy in places because of dryness or disease, artificial grass looks uniform and maintains its rich green colour at all times. It is not affected by hot or cold weather.

  • Easy to maintain

Artificial grass does not need mowing every week, fertilizing, weeding and other tasks done to maintain natural grass. You only need to wash it once in a while. This makes it easy on the pocket and less energy intensive. It is perfect for a home with elderly people.

Do you or anyone close to you suffer from hay fever? Try installing artificial.

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