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The great thing about artificial turf is that it does not. You will no longer have to wait for the weather to be perfect before you go outside to mow your lawn or ensuring that you have watered it or applied enough expensive lawn products from your local garden centre. Artificial grass looks the same regardless of the weather or season. If your artificial grass wears over time, most manufacturers offer a guarantee and will replace it in case this happens.

Artificial grass tends to hold up incredibly well on sloping surfaces. However, you need to ensure that it is laid facing a particular way. It is always advisable to seek guidance before you attempt this but laying the turf is actually an easy job if you follow the instructions provided.

Artificial turf is quite versatile and you can lay it on just about any surface from soil, tarmac, concrete, or even natural grass. You can actually lay it indoors in an office, home, or sports hall should you need to do that. Outside roof terraces and balconies have become very popular for artificial turf, lending a natural vibe to those areas in spite of the fact that the grass isn’t real.

Laying the artificial turf yourself obviously won’t be a suitable option for everyone, but it is possible to do it if you wish. It is actually quite easy to do and, in most cases, it is impossible to tell the difference. Some people prefer laying it themselves and are quite happy to follow the instructions provided and do it themselves. However, other people prefer using a professional. The good thing is that you can get professional help if you need it.

Artificial turf is completely safe for both pets and children. Due to its unnatural makeup pets such as dogs won’t be tempted to dig through, chew, or eat it. When surrounded by artificial turf, your pets’ instincts won’t kick in exactly the same way. If they attempt to eat it, they won’t be harmed and they are unlikely to do it again.

The surface of the turf discouraged pets from digging because it is not possible to do it. If your pet loves digging holes and ruining your garden, artificial turf can be an effective way of preventing it. Pet urine can also kill or stain natural grass. Fortunately, this is not possible with artificial turf and you can easily scoop up any unpleasant mess that your pet leaves behind and rinse your lawn to clear away the residue.

Rain also acts as a natural cleaner for artificial turf. As for children, artificial turf is designed to be soft and has undergone testing for its safety. In case your child is prone to bruises and bumps, you can be sure that he or she will be totally safe when playing on artificial turf.

The average lifespan of artificial turf is 20 years although this will depend on the case. The less the foot traffic the longer it is likely to last in most cases. It won’t fade and no amount of traffic can make it flatten so feel free to use it as much as you like but remember that natural wear and tear is inevitable.

Grass that’s used the most will require replacement sooner than turf that sits unused as a decorative feature. Keep in mind that artificial turf is designed specially for use in family gardens, schools, and sports fields and is made for use rather than for decoration. It is also UV ray resistant and maintains the crisp green colour regardless of what the elements might throw at it.

Yes, like real grass, rain drains away in exactly the same way. It actually dries faster than real grass due to its design. Since the grass is not growing directly out of the soil (while holding moisture and becoming mud), it is actually a much more versatile and cleaner option if it rains heavily. Artificial turf never becomes patchy and boggy due to excessive sunlight or flooding. For most people, it is this fact that’s regarded as its greatest selling point.

Companies that provide artificial turf generally carry all the required safety accreditations’ and planning permission isn’t something that you necessarily need to request from your local authority? It will depend on where you plan to install it. Public areas have different rules to private residences. Since artificial turf is growing in popularity, it is very unlikely to put off potential buyers. It might even add value to your property. However, this will depend on the opinions of the buyers as well as the advice of the real estate agents.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint (as everyone should) and the effect you have on the planet, you have no reason to fear. Artificial turf is environmentally-friendly and doesn’t have a negative impact whatsoever. Since you don’t have to water it like regular grass it means that you don’t need wasteful sprinklers and hosepipes. It also does not require using harmful chemicals and pesticides, which are not good for the environment. Local wildlife is also not likely to make it their home, which means that they are less likely to put themselves in harm’s way such as running afoul of dangerous lawn mowers or predatory pets.

It will depend on what you value. While artificial turf has numerous benefits and looks just like real grass, artificial grass is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it is growing increasingly more common and accepted. The explosion of popularity of artificial turf in recent years has skyrocketed as more people realise the benefits of getting it installed in their properties.

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