Are you probably concerned whether those weeds on your natural grass will be able to grow through artificial grass once installed? Well, weeds can be very annoying. Technically, weeds can grow through artificial grass. Basically, when properly installed no weed can penetrate through your artificial lawn. Having your lawn installed by professionals with a good reputation can help you avoid weed cropping out of your artificial grass.

Surface weeds on artificial grass.

Even with proper installation, you may still see some weeds growing on your artificial lawn. However, these types of weeds should not worry you in any way.  These weeds come about as a result of airborne seeds scattered by birds and blown by wind onto your lawn. Having trees at the edges of your lawn can encourage growth of surface weeds as well.

Taking care of surface weeds on your artificial grass is a simple exercise. All you need is a stiff brush. Disturbing these weeds with the stiff brush then blowing them off with help of a leave blower will see your artificial lawn regain its aesthetic features.

In actual sense, it would be impossible for weeds to grow through a properly installed artificial lawn. Any weeds seen on a well laid artificial lawn are mere surface weeds that can easily be prevented by doing the following:

  • Doing regular maintenance of your artificial turf will help prevent surface weeds from cropping out. Doing regular brushing of your artificial turf will help of a stiff brush will get rid of those airborne seeds and leaves.
  1. Getting rid of all the overhanging hedges and trees around your lawn will as well help curb surface weeds growth on your artificial turf.
  2. You can as well use weed killer that is mild and pet-friendly to take care of the surface weeds at most twice per year. Use of weed killer is recommended only when the other two have failed, something that don’t happen often. So, first try pulling off the weeds and brushing them off before you think of using weed killer.

In conclusion, weeds can still appear despite installing an artificial turf. These surface weeds are however easy to deal with unlike those that grow from the base. With proper care, attention to details and using the right material while installing artificial turf, it is practically impossible for weeds to grow through your artificial turf.

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