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Artificial grass can last for years and withstand all forms of weather and the wear and tear that comes with it. Most homeowners prefer artificial lawn to natural grass because it requires very little to no maintenance. This is unlike natural grass that requires lots of care from handling weeds and watering to mowing regularly.

When choosing to use artificial grass to add some colour and low maintenance ground covering to your home and garden, it is important that you gather as much information on the subject as possible. One of the most common and important questions that we hear all the time are, “how is the grass installed” &

The UK has a dynamic and varied landscape that features many mountains and hills to keep the scenery quite interesting. Although that is great for explorers who want to enjoy a view from on high, there are both pros and cons to living on a hill, which ranges from having impressive views of the surrounding

Synthetic grass is becoming popular and quickly replacing natural grass in modern sport venues and pitches. This has been attributed to its numerous advantages. Besides it looking and having the same texture as natural grass, the following qualities make artificial grass the better choice for use in sport pitches. Artificial sport pitches are safer to

Artificial grass installation is a rigorous process that call for care and close attention to details. This is not the kind of jobs that you can decide to do it yourself especially if you do not have the necessary expertise. So, in case you are wondering how artificial grass installation happens, stay with us till

Most people love beautiful and green lawns. However, maintaining a plush green lawn and in particular the real lawns, require a lot of water for irrigation. The good news is that technology has enable manufacturing of artificial grass which is designed to look and feel just like the real grass. At Artificial Grass Manchester we

Are you probably concerned whether those weeds on your natural grass will be able to grow through artificial grass once installed? Well, weeds can be very annoying. Technically, weeds can grow through artificial grass. Basically, when properly installed no weed can penetrate through your artificial lawn. Having your lawn installed by professionals with a good

Hay fever can dampen your summer holidays in a big way. Flowering plants release pollen which triggers allergic reactions in many people. As many as 80% are known to be allergic to pollen. Playing and relaxing outdoors means exposure to pollen from grass, garden shrubs and other flowering vegetation. Hay fever is an allergic reaction

Artificial grass is not new to many as it has been around for years. It has been in use since the mid twentieth century. Synthetic turf is basically a surface made from synthetic fibre and which was initially used in pitches for traditional sports such as baseball and tennis. However, today artificial grass has become

Break out areas are places in a company or business where the employees or visitors can have informal meetings, eat lunches or relax for some time. There is a need for players to rest for a while after working for a long time. Through that, they will be able to refresh their brains and energy.