An incredible improvement over the last few years has seen a rise in the number of companies offering artificial grass putting greens, that mimic the real life playing conditions of real greens. With the increased technology and the ever-increasing number of companies producing top quality artificial putting greens and mats the opportunity to own your own is better now than ever. And why should you invest in an artificial putting green?

The benefits of using an artificial putting green are many. As a golf coach I am obviously most interested in the technical benefits of owning an artificial green or putting mat. And although the technical aspects are the most obvious, the mental aspect is even more important.

So, from the technical stand point, the benefits of owning an artificial putting green are;

  1. 1 – Improved touch on the green

By continually having the opportunity to practice on a quality surface you will quickly gain a better awareness of the relationship between your hands and the putter head, a skill vital for improvement and understanding of your putting stroke.

  1. 2 – Building a solid putting stroke

Building a solid putting does not just mean creating a repetitive stroke. It is the ability to ensure that the putter-face remains square to the target line, at the moment of impact, that really defines a good putter from a great putter.

Having the opportunity to hone this part of your stroke with practice on an artificial putting green is incredibly beneficial to your game and the reduction of scores.

  1. 3 – Achieving a better understanding of how grain effects the roll and speed.

Many amateur golfers struggle when they are faced with greens that have an obvious grain to them.

With many artificial mats trying to recreate the natural growth patterns of grass the direction in which you are putting across the artificial grass will be like putting with, against or across the grain resulting in varying speeds and how to deal with these changes. If you can get an artificial green with additional undulations the benefit is even greater with the chance to learn how speed can affect the amount a ball breaks.

But the most important benefit of owning an artificial putting green is the mental aspect of being able to train yourself to deal with pressure. With the three technical benefits you will have al the tools to be able to work on the most influential factor on the green and that is your nerve.

From the very best professionals to the beginner, pressure is the single biggest reason for missed putts and those that can master their nerves and trust their technique to deliver the putter back to the ball with the required distance will always see improvement in their scores. And it is this ability to train and practice at will that ultimately is the greatest of all the benefits of owning an artificial putting green.