The history of the artificial grass dates back to the late 1960’s when it was used in the first covered sports stadium in the United States of America, the Houston Astrodome. Over the years, a lot of inventions and modifications have gone into the artificial grass and as more of those modifications and upgrades are made, the artificial grass is looking closer to a real grass.

The artificial grass can be made from nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. There are variances in the cost of each material which is an influence on the budget of the owner. Whatever the budget is, the artificial grass can be used for many activities which include athletics, golf courses, playgrounds, residential lawns, and exhibitions among others.

Focusing on exhibitions, the artificial grass has proved to be very useful for this activity and the concept has been embraced by a lot of people and this is due to its benefits. Exhibitions are activities that involve the public display of items, arts, talents and skills, and so on. They are usually carried out in locations where a lot of people can see what is being offered by an organisation or a group of people.

There are many types of exhibitions and they include trade exhibitions, where businesses with the same services or products display their offerings; and consumer exhibitions, whereby consumers of certain products or services are attracted or invited to view certain products. How does the artificial grass factor into exhibitions? First, let’s examine the benefits of artificial grass.


One of the purposes of exhibitions is to capture the minds and attentions of consumers and people interested in what is being offered. Artificial grasses come in different styles and shapes and this can lead to a unique and pleasant experience by the consumers.

The beauty of artificial grasses is capable of helping you project a beautiful display of what you are offering and that can help draw customers to you and even set you apart from competitors at the same exhibition.


Another benefit of artificial grass is that unlike natural turf or grass, which needs maintenance depending on the season, maintenance of artificial grass is hardly necessary.

There is no need for do away with pesticides or herbicides. Also, there is no need for fertilizing or mowing. You can also easily remove unwanted materials with the right equipment.

This means that even when your exhibition concerns the use of organic materials, you do not need to stress about things from your exhibitions staining the grass.

Money saving

Exhibitions require some amount of money to set up. However, when you use artificial grass for your exhibition, you do not need to spend extra money on washing the grass with water or using fertilisers  and lawn mowers.


Your exhibition might be the type that involves people showing off their skills, perhaps dancing or acting. The artificial grass provides safety such that the performers have no chance of slipping and hurting themselves.

Even if your exhibitions do not involve performers, your customers have no chance of falling or slipping on artificial grass.

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